My name is Mikayla, I blog what I like which can range from anything from cartoons to lingerie.

Let me make a few things clear

No matter who you are:

If you joke about rape, depression, self-harm, suicide etc. I will have no issue getting in your face.

If you put someone down who has experienced a tragic experience like rape, is diagnosed with depression, suffers from self-harm or suicidal thoughts etc. then I will have no qualms punching your lights out.

But if you ever tell someone they aren’t worth it, that they should just kill themselves.  If you so much as dare to suggest suicide I will personally fucking end you.

You don’t have the fucking right to tell someone to end their life just because of some petty reason.  You have no right, and you never will.  No matter how much you dislike someone, even if they hurt you one way or another, never tell someone to kill themselves.  Everyone has worth and they deserve to be here just as much as you do despite what they may have said or done.  If your excuse is that you’re just kidding- then fuck you.  Death is not a joke, it is not a solution and it is not fucking acceptable to suggest and it never will be.

If you’ve ever told someone to commit suicide whether it be anonymously online or in person, then go to hell.  You deserve every terrible thing that comes your way.

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