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What anime should I watch next?

January 05, 2013
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tag(s): I can't think of anything,
  1. shrikestrike answered: nichijou! Did you already do that polar bear one? Escaflowne! Rewatch Evangelion!
  2. paintcoveredpup answered: wolfs rain, code geass?
  3. little-red-riding-wolf said: Higurashi
  4. leonfellpool answered: Kenshin?
  5. thingstokeepmymindentertained answered: Check out freezing.
  6. kursedforever answered: all of the animes
  7. dipshiit answered: fuckin finish gurren lagann u ful
  8. genocidermeow answered: have you watched Elfen Lied because it’s perf.
  9. generalwest answered: strawberry panic?
  10. zetsubou-yuugi answered: have you seen code geass?
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